Some Ideas Your Bathroom Remodeler Will Approve

August 8, 2013

In this article, we will look at some innovative ideas for remodeling your bathroom. Don’t hesitate, and give your bathroom remodeler a call if you find something you like!

Build in storage
Add upper cabinets deeper than conventional medicine cabinets either above the vanity or   beside it ( tower) or above the toilet… store linen used in the least for hand towels & facecloths. Takes pressure off linen cupboard and store things wher they are used most effective use of space.

Slide bar in the shower
This is really useful for multiple users different heights to adjust the shower head.

Hand shower on soaker the tub
Great for washing hair quickly in tub and also for cleaning the tub easily.

Toilet, bidet, showerDesk space around a tub
Creates a luxurious spa feeling with any tub. It provides room for candles and glass of wine, nice soaps, plants…looks great and is very practical.

Build in display
Turns an ordinary bathroom into an enjoyable place to relax…floating shelves, niches in the wall, glass doors in cabinets…for Paintings, sculpture, soaps, creams, beautiful towels, candles, accessories.

Radiant Heating in the floor
Really nice to walk across in the winter in the middle of the night in bare feet to use the toilet..

A built-in seat (tiled) in the shower
Even if only a corner one…perch to help for personal grooming ..also for tose days when you can’t wake up and need to just sit and let the shower run over you.

Bathrooms are a place for personal grooming and care and can feel like a mini get away while caring for ourselves. If they are efficient they also make life easier. After the bedroom, the bathroom is the first space we see in the morning and the last one at night.

Whether we create an oasis that calms and relaxes or a dynamic space that invigorates and inspires the fact is that beautiful spaces lift us up in a sometimes chaotic & exhausting world. Everyone deserves a fabulous bathroom even on a budget.

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Updated: August 8, 2013 at 9:42 pm